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Exam sessions are conducted by Certified Examiners under the direction and guidelines in the the FCC Commercial Examination Process.

There is a charge for taking these exams.

The exam fee is set by the COLEM. The agency the FCC has enabled to issue these licenses.

All Fees are paid in cash directly to the examiner administering the session. No third parties. 

See our page for Commercial License fees here.

NOTE:  The FCC does not print your initial license anymore and send it to you. You can logon to the FCC ULS to print your own copy, or order a paper copy from the FCC for your records.


See the list of acceptable documents here as well <click>

  1. A LEGAL PHOTO ID (Drivers License, Passport)
  2. If no photo ID – 2 other forms of Identification are needed.
    • Birth Certificate (must have seal on it)
    • non-Photo Drivers license
    • Social Security Card
    • Library Card
    • Utility bill, a bank statement or some other correspondence that specifically names the person; or a postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his/her current mailing address as it appears on FCC FORM 605
  3. Student: you may use any of the above, and a school ID card, work permit, or a legal guardian may present a photo ID for you.
  4. SSN (Social Security Card/Number) -OR- your FCC Federal Registration Number
  5. An original or copy of ANY CURRENT FCC License. OR, a copy of a recent CSCE (Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination) you may have from previous exam sessions.
  6. A calculator, if needed, with all memory erased and formulas cleared.
  7. (QTY:2) #2 Pencils. – yes we have them onsite for you. You can bring your own if you like. (Please bring a pen also for the forms!)
  8. CASH to pay the administration fees, directly to the examiner.
  9. A calm, relaxed brain, so that you can enjoy the feeling when you PASS! – We’ll tell you right at the Session your results!