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As a requirement for Licensing by the FCC, you are required to fill out these forms before your examination.

COMMERCIAL LICENSING – Use form 605-FULL + Schedules

Click to download and print this form.  Complete the necessary pages for your Commercial Licensing Exam. Please fill out any needed additional “Schedule(s)” you might need for your license level or endorsement. Please print Schedule “E”  of FORM 605-FULL for your Commercial GROL License.  

FORM-605-FULL (click)

Of course we will help you fill them out! Fill in whatever you can, and bring them with you. We will help you complete the forms you need, and WE FILE THEM FOR YOU.

Why fill out these forms now? ┬áBecause you can goto the exam session without having to sit down, think about ‘stuff’ and forget why you are there. Do it now, get it done, relax, and take your exam!